New Collection

I hope you enjoy my new collection of paintings as much as I enjoyed creating them. Each piece is a one of a kind original art work painted here in Galway, Ireland. The collection is inspired by a combination of all my favourite things, the natural landscape of the west of Ireland, light and colour. Each piece is professionally framed in Galway.

All pieces are available in my Shop along with some other selected works. If you have any questions about any piece just drop me a message through the Contact tab. If you want to browse my inspirations you can access my Gallery here.





Last Light (2019) The lovely last light of the day, the red sky at night.


Saturday Strolls (2019) Saturday strolls, a nod to those lazy Saturday morning strolls in the woods.


Across the field (2019) A gaze across the field.

IMG_2729-2Flickering Light (2019) The light that flickers through the trees and catches every surface available to it.


Joy (2019) The happiness and joy of just being in nature.


Reflecting Light (2019) The dance between light and colour in the trees.

IMG_2625Calm (2019) That feeling when you look across a landscape just as the sun washes across it.


Light coming through (2019) Light coming through the break in the trees.


In pink and blue (2019) Two small pink and blue abstracts.


Bluebell field (2019) I’ve picked bluebells in the same place for as long as I can remember. Always in the first few days of May.

IMG_2716Edge of the wood (2019) Walking out by the last few trees at the edge of the wood.